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Which Type of Residential Fence Should I Install?

Which Type of Residential Fence Should I Install?

Fencing security is crucial for many homeowners these days where it is very easy to get into the neighborhood and cause havoc. So picking the most secure residential fence is an important decision to make before settlement. Most people want a fence that looks great, while still being highly-functional and safeguarding their loved ones.

Ideally, you should see which fixtures best fit your needs by going over the different types of fences discussed in this article. Throughout the article, you will find out why you need to have a sturdy fence on your property and what kinds of fences are available and why to hire a expert fence contractor

Numerous fence styles exist and they all try to fulfill various use cases while providing either beauty or deterrence. Here we will run through their pros and cons as well. Read on:

Various Types of fences and which ones to pick

Nowadays, homeowners are using various types of fences to keep their residential property boundaries safe and secure, such as aluminum fence, wooden fence, chain-link fence, bamboo fence and farm fences etc. All these six type of fences do you except for home have their advantages that are summarized below: 

1. Aluminum fence

Starting with aluminum fences, they are corrosion free and provide a durable appearance lifetime. They are not flammable, but experts recommend getting insurance coverage just in case. The advantages of an aluminum fence are that it’s “smartly low-tech” aesthetic can blend with nearly any type of architecture and is one of the most durable types in existence which means it will last longer. Aluminum fences can be decorated with any items (e.g., attractive bushes and gates attached with them).

2. Wooden fences

Wooden fences remain trendy in design as well as maintenance-free; it’s also said to be airtight and thus eco-friendly. For one thing, a wooden or metal fence is likely to be most expensive. If looks you’re after then wood may be more forgiving. Where aluminum excels at affordability, safety, little maintenance, wooden fence excels at land aesthetics and comes pre-made.

3. Chain-Link fences

When we look at the benefits of chain link fence, a chain link fence is often composed of galvanized steel which scales up its maintenance as well as how easily accessible they can be to passers-by. Chain link fencing is affordable but not safe for pets. A chain link fence with heavy gauge welded wire fabricated together is durable.

4. Bamboo Fences

A bamboo fence is more handsome than most fencing types on offer, though different kinds of fences have their own pros and cons. A bamboo fence is one of the most sustainable options which looks attractive with minimal upkeep requirements. You can maintain this type of fence with any kind of Fence Maintenance Method.  

5. Farm fences

This fence can be constructed to serve as boundaries. This is true for livestock farming and horse species. Fences erected for such purpose are common to find here termed as farm fences. Producers of fowl animals such as hens, duck, and chicken also keep them in small enclosed spaces known as poultry or chicken enclosures that serve the purpose of breeding and protecting them from predators.

6. PVC fences

PVC varieties are notorious buggers and will require trimming every year. PVC fencing which can get expensive with cheaper quality range against aluminum gates that last 15 years or more although there should be no discussion on this type of fence’s ease to install perimeters. Therefore, they need strong types of fencing like PVC which has excellent resistance properties against household chemicals but is less durable due to frequent flexing cycles when taking on various repetitive blows which rob it of strength over a period.

Pick fences wisely

Along with different types of materials and architectures in the market today, we want to help you make a comparison while shopping around your favorite local hardware stores or online retailers of various fencing materials to find the best option for you and your family that meets your needs best within your price range and remains easy on your budget. 

Contact Recon Fence Team to help you make that choice and pick out a fence that suits your needs. With our professionals, you can expect the highest quality of delivery and complete insurance assistance as well. Call us today and get the fence that your house deserves.  


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