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10 Things to consider when choosing between Deck, Pergolas and Gazebo

10 Things to consider when choosing between Deck, Pergolas and Gazebo

When it comes to choosing between a deck, pergola, or gazebo, the garden features are determined by their ability to protect people from direct exposure to the sun and rain.

Given the three charming outdoor options for your backyard, picking an outdoor paradise to suit your needs is never easy. With a pergola, a deck or gazebo, each with their own benefits and drawbacks, there’s no reason every family can’t find something right for them. Here we provide a 10-point guide to help you choose the best peragolas for your house:


As houses grow in size, designs are being offered as part of a custom build. There are so many variants and styles that homeowners find it difficult to make the right decision. Here are four essential things to bear in mind before you finalize a plan – location, budget, usage, and aesthetic effect. The ultimate thing of consideration will always be the material you use, whether wood or metal. 


When choosing between outdoor structures like pergolas and gazebo use cases year round (pergola) or seasonal (gavelo). You should have some wood, nails and a hammer handy if you’re picking out your boards. Wood styles can become more intricate depending on if you are using pine, cedar, redwood, etc, when building your pergola. Other materials can help more in the case of decks or pergolas or patio covers.


Finding the right balance between form and function may be challenging, but when choosing between decks and gazebo design concepts, location should determine how you are going to go. It is hard to live without the use of a deck or a gazebo room in your home. But with choices come challenges; so it’s important to first think about location before deciding on deck vs. gazebo.


If you are working on a limited budget and don’t have a lot of need for exterior living space, then building a pergola might be the way to go. On the other hand, if your space is limited, then it would be best to choose a gazebo instead. Hardscape items like decks are typically lighter and less expensive than a metal gazebo. They’re also easier to store and transport to the desired location of installation.


In a more commercial setting, in every kind of setting, hotels or high-class residences often rely heavily on exterior parameters that draw in customers: along with architectural details that make it feel more exclusive or exotic as restaurants serve in more relaxing decors within these same hotels. But this doesn’t happen due to neglect; instead exterior views represent defining elements of the structure you are choosing, no matter the type of roof or type of fences.


Wooden roofs typically need some occasional cleaning and oiling to prevent any moisture damage. Like composite and metal roofs, you’ll also need a good solid pergola underneath for support if you plan on entertaining year-round on your outdoor space – especially in more damp climates where your outdoor space will be consistently wet for at least part of each year.


The structural dynamics of decks distinguishes them from roofs on houses or buildings. Roof top decking can be heavy due to the span of lumber required and this might be challenging when installing overhead windows as we might need reinforcement. Wooden construction is also usually stronger than steel construction due to its mass weight over time with strong cross-bracing for dimensional stability having sacrificial last supports for slope deflection such as timber or steel posts.

Resale value

With the choice between a deck, a pergola, and a gazebo, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. The material, the design, whether or not it is a year-round or seasonal thing – these are all important to think about before making a decision. But these factors, whether deck or pergolas installation, have a subliminal long-term impact as well on the resale value. A well-laid deck, pergola or gazebo can add that aesthetic oomph to your property, so expect to reap the benefits.  


Decks should be able to provide protection from heat, any expert fence contractor will tell you. The higher up the deck is, such as patio with railing that leads up high enough so that people can use it as a form of outdoor room – the more protection there is from exposure to direct sunlight. So if you need sun protection when sitting on your porch, try opting for a higher deck. Gazebos and pergolas can provide this protection by fully covering benches or seating areas while also surrounding them with plants and landscaping.


The most significant difference between decks, pergolas, and gazebo is installation. Decks Builders know that decks must be installed on a level surface but gazebos can be installed up or downhill. This makes decks generally easier to install. Deck surfaces are also better for installation of benches, tables, and other amenities, whereas many gazebos feature built-in seating areas. 

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