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8 Reasons Why Wrought Iron Fence Is Better than Wood Fence

8 Reasons Why Wrought Iron Fence Is Better than Wood Fence

The wooden fence is a commonly used fencing material because they are easy to install and maintain. But, they can also cause some problems such as being too visible to the public, being prone to bugs, sap leaking from them and mold infesting them. You might not mind these drawbacks if you need an inexpensive or short-term residential fence. But, if you plan on keeping your fence for many years, there is no doubt that a wrought iron one is the better choice for it. Below are some reasons why wrought iron fences are better than wood fences:

Look and Feel

It has a great, chic appearance which makes it look more expensive than other types of fences available today. The traditional look of wrought iron is more appealing in comparison to wood fences, demonstrating careful consideration by homeowners for an outsized front appearance. Wrought Iron fences don’t rot, stain or crack two the ways that wooden ones do.


Iron is a soft and malleable but tough metal. That is why people choose wrought iron fences over wooden fences because of the quality. The quality and durability surpasses the cost. The materials are visibly different, as a wrought iron fence looks more bronze and sleek whereas wooden fence is more whitish and rough.


When it comes to wrought iron props there is no major difference in productivity as compared to its counterpart. But wrought Iron features a luxurious look that conjures up visions of royalty, power and stability, after all it is a strong choice that can withstand both man and nature. Wrought iron’s no-maintenance look is hardy and resilient – like those European castles we have always dreamt of owning.


The safety, durability and convenience of a wrought iron fence are more than that of the comfort of a wooden fence. Iron fences emit electromagnetic fields while many homeowners like the rustic appearance and sturdy design these fences offer. The landscaping around an iron wood gives them a lot of flexibility in how they want to gradually merge it with their landscape. You can obtain Fence Maintenance Tips regarding this from an expert contractor in your region.


Most wrought iron fence buyers already have it installed and want to expand their home’s property line as well. Wood species are more costly and difficult to install. It is not necessary for a homeowner to stake a wrought fence into Mother Earth because its design is elegant enough that it can be mounted or supported on concrete. An Expert Fence Contractor might be able to help you with that.

Resale Value

Woods best enjoy modest depreciation when you are ready to sell your property, as opposed to wrought iron fences. The raw materials for them are also cheaper than those for wood, making them comparatively cheaper as well. Not only are they cheaper in price when compared to other ones in spite of their elegant look, but also higher yield with their good investment tenure.


Rustic hued wood may be the traditional material to offer but know that the charm fades with time while rustic or white cast iron can retain their visual appeal through entering periods and generations (think: Matisse). Wrought iron fences are corrosion resistant which make them last longer than wood. A wooden fence can be compromised in one forceful blow, whereas a wrought iron fence is going to last much longer even without having to invest in safeguarding the wood. This can be appropriate for homeowners who have an area at the back and high-tabling level that they want to keep out of bounds.


Wrought iron fence is becoming a preferred choice for homeowners. Wrought iron has a nice historic feel with the background of rusting. It also provides protection for small gardens and plants. Greater customizability is only an added advantage. However, if homeowners want to maintain an earthly look, then they may choose a wooden fence, but that wouldn’t give value as much.

We hope this mini guide was able to answer any question you had regarding making a choice between the two types of fences. Contact ReconFence today to request a free fence quote by visiting our website for more information. Amazing fences are delivered here for your dream home.


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