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Eight Indications that Its Time for a Fence Replacement

Eight Indications that Its Time for a Fence Replacement

A fence can differ in the way it is installed, material, height and functionalities. A fence that is responsible for keeping your home and garden safe needs to be strong enough and durable enough to last through different weather conditions. They also need to function according to the degree of security they need – giving privacy or securing an open space in areas like north texas. 

With a broken fence, the cost of fence repair depending on where you are can vary. Some services do offer fence breakage repairs but it can prove to be expensive. It is therefore best to prevent its worse by replacing the fence before it needs repairs again. There are many warning signs that you might need to replace your fence. It can be difficult to tell when your fence should be replaced especially if you’re not an expert in construction. That’s why we have compiled this list that explains the 8 different signs of needing a replacement. Read on.


Some people replace their fences midway through their time, but if there is just one sign of damage, then this might indicate that it is essential for replacement sooner rather than later. If there is some damage in the side sections but not to one of the corners, replace at least two panels of your vinyl fence. The damage begins near a corner as a break then branches out against new sections toward the ground.

Broken Windows or Gates

Nowadays most people don’t install the traditional picket fence of our parents’ generation. Over time, there are many other types of fences that blend in well in different lifestyles and new areas vacated by natural extension. If you notice that your fence looks old, too wobbly to stand on, or otherwise too damaged or has broken windows or gates to continue use, is time to replace it with a new one.

Uneven Heights or Sizes

You may want a new kind of fence because you’ve recently had a big resizing project such as a new patio, garden change or garden addition and are facing uneven heights or sizes of panels. Bending posts inward or outward nudging outside the designated line of post’s base bracket affects stability of fence posts in place causing removal or loosening of holding ground for wood fence.

Slimy Mold or Mildew Growth on the Fence Boards

Whether there are visible cracks in the fence planks or a couple of posts have rotted through mildew and mold, usually this warning signal warrants a fence replacement. You see rust on your hardware and it begins to stick, making opening and closing your chain link fence gate difficult. Besides, dirt, plant roots, or other objects can stick into the slats in a way that may cause harm (particularly injuries to small children playing in your yard.)

Weather Damage and Pollution

Some people replace their fence due to extraordinary circumstances such as rising land value or noise pollution. Ignoring these fence problems cases could result in large fines down the line because if these regulations weren’t complied with they may have an influence on property value. While this might seem extreme it is more like long-term savings than any other realization of risk at this point in history given demographic trends in areas where land-constraints are acute.

Discovering Damage From Family Pets

Other common problems that may warrant repair or replacement are damage from family pets or pest infestation cause significant damage to a fence. If it isn’t only unwelcome visitors you’re concerned about that want to enter your property; but also the fear of animals trampling landscaping or endangering children who could possibly get out of their guardians’ sight for some time unknowingly. For these reasons it would be wise for one to act and minimize damages posed by broken fencing or not waiting for them to happen before finally realizing the gravity – if any – associated with these damages.

Complete Rot

The best indications that show you need to replace your fence are if you note any damages in it, if the materials are old and worn down, if it is higher than a local building ordinance requires or if it was installed before the rot sets in. 

Change Of Needs

Fences are known for cost-effectiveness, low maintenance, and to keep intruders out. However with time and various external sources, fences can age and deteriorate, and that’s when replacement is needed. One of the main reasons why someone would consider repairing their fence is because they want a new type of style.

To Sum Up

Fencing, generally speaking, is supposed to help prevent nuisances and intrusions by unauthorised persons. But, now that you are here looking at this article, it seems like this is not the case. If you were examining your fence closely, you might have noticed that there are warning signs of a fence breaking down and might already be in a bad state as well. So act quickly before it is too late and Contact us to get your fence back in good shape in no time. A stitch in time saves nine. Our team at Recon Fence Company will be happy to help you. 


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