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Everything You Need to Know About Cedar Fence Installation

Everything You Need to Know About Cedar Fence Installation

Cedar is one of the best choices if you are looking to build a fence as it is quite versatile & durable. It comes alongside with soft wood which is rot-resistant making it perfect for exterior applications. Other than this, it has an aromatic smell which can be quite mesmerizing.

Moreover, cedar can be an excellent choice for residential fence. So, if you are looking for cedar fence installation, then you should ideally hire a good fencing contractor.

Recon Fence can be one of the best choices for you as they are an expert fence contractor.

They can even assist you with customer wood fence installation and deal with common fence problems.

Likewise, you can also connect with them for privacy fence installation & to increase the durability of your wood fence.

So, in this blog, we would discuss everything about the cedar fence installation.

Let us have a look:-

How Long Can a Cedar Fence Last?

It totally boils down to the place that you are living & climate. Other than this, it also depends if the fence has been stained & treated. The cedar fence which is not treated can last about 15-30 years. On the other hand, the cedar fence which is maintained & treated can last about 40 years.

How a Cedar Fence Can Be Preserved?

If you want to preserve the cedar fence, then it is important to do timely maintenance. The first thing that you need to do is strain it once you find that the wood has dried. After this, you need to restrain it again after 5-7 years.

Besides this, it is important to keep the area around the cedar fence clean from any kind of debris. You should also remove any piles of vines, leaves, weeds etc. which might be present.

Lastly, you should check the fence for any loose boards or rotting and repair them once you find them.

What Are The Advantages Of A Cedar Fence?

  • Durable

Cedar as a material is quite durable. Also, if a cedar fence is maintained, then it can easily last for 30 years or even more. The durability of cedar is due to the natural oils that it possesses. The oil helps out in preventing warping, rotting, and shrinkage.

One of the great things about cedar is that it won’t splinter or buckle even in harsh weather. It can easily endure wind, snow or rain while maintaining its structural integrity & appearance. Lastly, the cedar life span can easily be increased through protective coatings & proper sealants.

  • It has low maintenance

One of the great things about cedar is that it needs very little maintenance. However, once it has been installed as a fence, then a protective coating would be needed to increase its longevity.

You need to apply protective coating & stain after a span of every few years. In this way, the lifespan of the fence can easily be extended. Moreover, if you want it to last even longer, then fencing contractors can be your help. They more often handle them by reapplying stain or sealant regularly.

  • It is quite beautiful

Cedar comes in a very distinct color which ranges from pinkish brown to reddish. One of the best aspects about cedar fence is that it is quite beautiful. Additionally, it can add a lot of value to the property while enhancing the look of your yard.

  • It can control the temperature

One of the great things about cedar is that it can control the temperature. All the cedars are equipped with air pockets which is present inside the actual wood.

So, cedar acts as a natural insulator. So, the yard would be cooler in the months of winter while warmer in the month of summer. Hence, by cedar fence installation, you can make your yard a comfortable place to stay.

How To Install A Cedar Fence?

  • Into the ground, you need to dig 20” to 24” inch hole.
  • After this, you need to install posts while taking string lines for reference. Also, if little gravel is present, then it can help with drainage over a span of time.
  • Next, you have to mix as well as place the concrete. Further, if the concrete is sloped away from the post, then water can be prevented from sitting against the post.
    Further, you need to allow the concrete to cure.
  • Next, cross rails need to be installed and the best you can do are perhaps use three rails.
  • Then, the fence need to be installed at one end by the help of stainless or galvanized steel siding or fencing nails.
  • Once all of these are done, then the top needs to be cut via a straight line.

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