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Each project reflects our commitment to quality, utilizing the best materials and techniques. Our experienced team, led by Andy Joy, is dedicated to exceeding your expectations, transforming every fencing need into a testament of durability and craftsmanship.
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For over 25 years, my team and I have committed to bringing top-tier fencing services to the Mesquite community. We believe in creating more than just boundaries; we're crafting lasting security and peace of mind, ensuring every fence we build stands as a symbol of trust and excellence.

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Our clients’ feedback reflects our dedication to providing exceptional fence contracting services.
Charles Amy
Charles Amy
These guys are great. I was very specific with what I needed. I needed the 8ft fence to be pre-stained, I needed the existing poles to be used. I needed the fence pickets to overlap a lot. I needed the top of the fence to look finished with a catwalk. Recon Fence delivered. I have had multiple neighbors tell me how great the fence looks. Thanks guys!
shauna swartz
shauna swartz
Gary is a great guy, loved when he came by to check up on progress so we could chat, he definitely makes you know he is focused on the customer. The crew was wonderful and I am in love with our new fence. My pets are secure in the backyard and I actually want to spend more time outside. Beyond expectations!
Recon Fence and Roofing gets my highest praise! I had hail damage to my home and was in need of a general contractor. A friend recommended them and they did an Amazing job repairing the damage to my roof and gutters. Andy and his crew along with Kenet helped me with navigating the claim process and their crew was extremely efficient. Start to finish they had everything done in 2 days. If you are in need of a roofing contractor I recommend Recon Fence and Roofing!
Christina Robertson
Christina Robertson
So happy with the work done on our back fence by ReCon Fence! Our brand new back fence was blown pretty wonky from the June winds and was not covered by the home warranty. ReCon Fence fixed our fence with great quality so this won't happen again. In addition, we had them add 2 extra gates. Excellent work!!!!
Mike Robertson
Mike Robertson
I highly recommend ReCon Fence. They do a fantastic job and a great value for the work they did. They can do fencing and also roofing. Give them a call and let them take care of your fence and roofing needs. It is great to support our Veterans!!!!!
If u won’t top notch work recons the one to use
Matthew Hubbs
Matthew Hubbs
Great company and even better people
Charlotte Drayton
Charlotte Drayton
Very professional installers, very impressive work ethic Great experience in all aspects. I highly recommend Gary and his excellent company.
They are very flexible with scheduling (I was buying a home and the transaction wasn’t going smoothly). From start to finish it was a three day process. Their employees (and the owners) worked tirelessly, finishing the job in the rain! My fence is beautiful, and my remote entry gate is amazing. I feel safe with easy access to my fenced yard, and the curb appeal of my home has dramatically increased. Everyone at Recon was so kind and accommodating. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone needing fencing work done. Thanks Gary and Andy!
Tina Hammond
Tina Hammond
Highly recommend Recon Fence and Deck. My husband had them come build it while we were out of town as a surprise for me. I love it!
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Why Choose Mesquite, TX's Fence Contractor

Top Reasons to Select ReCon Fence for Your Fencing Needs

Veteran Expertise and Precision

At ReCon Fence, we leverage the discipline and precision learned from military experience to deliver superior fencing services. Our approach ensures meticulous attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship in every project.

25+ Years of Industry Experience

With over a quarter-century in the fence industry, we bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to your project. Our extensive experience means we're well-equipped to handle any fencing challenge with ease and efficiency.

Commitment to Quality and Security

Our focus is not just on building fences but on enhancing the security and aesthetic value of your home. We use only the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art techniques to create durable, visually appealing fences that stand the test of time.

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Our Services in Mesquite, TX

Fence staining is essential for both aesthetic appeal and longevity. At ReCon Fence, we specialize in professional staining services in Mesquite, TX that protect your fence from weather elements and enhance its look. Many homeowners struggle with premature aging and weather damage. Our expert staining solutions in Mesquite, TX, offer a robust barrier against these challenges, ensuring your fence remains beautiful and durable for years.
Fence Staining in Mesquite TX
Our expertise extends to crafting custom decks and pergolas, transforming outdoor spaces into elegant, functional areas. Homeowners often face issues with underutilized outdoor areas. At ReCon Fence, we address this by designing and building decks and pergolas that not only complement your home’s aesthetics but also create versatile outdoor living spaces. Our expert team in Mesquite, TX, ensures each structure is built to the highest standards of quality and design.
Decks & Pergolas in Mesquite TX
Specializing in wood fence installation, we offer a blend of traditional aesthetics with modern durability. A common issue for homeowners is finding a balance between beauty and functionality in fencing. Our wood fence installations in Mesquite, TX, solve this by using high-quality timber, tailored to enhance your property’s appearance while offering sturdy privacy and security. Each installation reflects our commitment to excellence and attention to detail.
Wood Fence Installation in Mesquite TX
Wrought iron fences combine elegance with strength, a signature service of ReCon Fence. Homeowners often look for fencing that offers both security and a sophisticated look. Our wrought iron fence solutions in Mesquite, TX, address this need by providing custom designs that are both secure and aesthetically pleasing. Our expertise ensures that every wrought iron fence we install is a testament to durability and artistic craftsmanship.
Wrought Iron Fence Installation in Mesquite TX
Chain link fence installation is ideal for both residential and commercial properties, offering a balance of visibility and security. Many property owners struggle with securing their spaces while maintaining transparency. Our chain link fences in Mesquite, TX, provide a practical solution, offering robust perimeter security without obstructing views. We ensure every installation is conducted with precision, resulting in a fence that’s both functional and resilient.
chain link fence installation in mesquite texas
Our farm fencing services cater to the unique needs of rural properties, ensuring both security and the management of livestock. A common challenge for farm owners is finding fences that are sturdy yet adaptable to various terrains. ReCon Fence specializes in farm fencing in Mesquite, TX, providing durable, versatile solutions that withstand the rigors of rural life. Our expert installation guarantees a fence that meets the demands of any farm landscape.
farm fence installation in mesquite texas

Our Process

Consultation and Planning

Our process begins with a personalized consultation. We visit your property in Mesquite, TX, to understand your specific fencing needs and preferences. This step ensures that we tailor our services to your unique requirements, considering factors like property layout, aesthetic goals, and functional needs.

Custom Design and Material Selection

Based on the initial assessment, we move to the design and planning phase. Our team creates a custom fencing solution that aligns with your vision and property characteristics. We provide detailed plans and layouts, offering a clear picture of the final installation. This phase includes selecting materials, styles, and finalizing the project scope.

Professional Installation and Follow-Up

The final step is the professional installation of your fence. Our experienced crew ensures a seamless and efficient installation process, adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety. Post-installation, we conduct a thorough inspection and provide maintenance tips. We remain available for any follow-up service or adjustments needed.

Mesquite, TX: A Thriving Hub for ReCon Fence's Exceptional Services


Mesquite, a vibrant city located in the heart of Texas, stands as a testament to growth and community spirit. Known for its rich history, Mesquite was incorporated in 1887 and has since evolved into a bustling urban center. The city center, situated at coordinates 32.7668° N, 96.5992° W, is a melting pot of culture and development. Currently, Mesquite’s population is approximately 140,000, reflecting a diverse and dynamic community.

ReCon Fence, a seasoned fence company, finds its niche perfectly aligned with Mesquite’s unique landscape. The city, home to prominent landmarks like Mesquite Championship Rodeo, Opal Lawrence Historical Park, and the Mesquite Arts Center, demands both residential and commercial fencing solutions that are as robust and versatile as its landmarks. Our expertise caters to various neighborhoods, from the bustling streets of Lawson to the serene avenues of Creek Crossing, ensuring tailored fencing solutions for each area’s specific needs.

In Mesquite, climate considerations are paramount. We understand the local weather patterns, ranging from hot summers to mild winters, and offer fencing options suited to withstand these conditions. Our compliance with local regulations, including building codes and environmental guidelines, ensures every project meets the highest standards of safety and sustainability.

ReCon Fence takes pride in its eco-friendly initiatives. We employ sustainable practices like using recycled materials, which resonate with Mesquite’s eco-conscious community. This approach not only preserves the environment but also adds to the city’s green initiatives.

We invite the residents and businesses of Mesquite to experience our dedicated service. Whether you’re in Paschall, Edgemont Park, or any other neighborhood, ReCon Fence is equipped to enhance your property with top-notch fencing solutions. Join us in embracing the unique blend of tradition and innovation that Mesquite offers, and let’s create secure, beautiful spaces together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in a variety of fences, including wood, wrought iron, chain link, and farm fencing. Our team is adept at understanding the specific needs of each project and providing the most suitable fencing solutions.
The duration of a fence installation varies depending on the size of the project and the type of fence. Generally, most residential fence installations are completed within a few days. We always aim to minimize disruption and complete the project efficiently without compromising on quality.
Absolutely! We pride ourselves on creating custom fence designs that meet the unique aesthetic and functional needs of our clients. Our team works closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring the final product is exactly as you envisioned.
Our process begins with a consultation to assess your needs, followed by a custom design and planning phase. After you approve the design, we proceed with the professional installation. We maintain open communication throughout the process to ensure your satisfaction.
Quality and durability are our top priorities. We use high-grade materials and adhere to the best construction practices. Our experienced team conducts thorough quality checks at every stage of the installation to ensure your fence is robust and long-lasting.

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Connect with ReCon Fence to bring superior fencing craftsmanship to your property in Mesquite, TX. Whether you’re looking for a new installation, repairs, or custom designs, our expert team is ready to assist.
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About Mesquite, TX

Mesquite is a suburban city located east of the city of Dallas, Texas, in the United States. Most of the city is located in Dallas County, though a small portion extends into Kaufman County. As of 2018 census estimates, the population was 142,816, making it the 22nd-most populous city in the U.S. state of Texas. Mesquite is positioned at the crossroads of four major highways (Interstates 30, 635, 20, and U.S. Route 80), making locations such as downtown Dallas, Lake Ray Hubbard, Dallas Love Field, and DFW International Airport accessible.

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