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At Recon Fencing LLC, we pride ourselves on delivering unmatched quality and service. With years of expertise, we elevate properties in Quinlan, TX, through expertly crafted fencing solutions.
Our mission is simple: exceed expectations, one fence at a time. Each project reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, defining Recon Fencing’s legacy in Quinlan.
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"As the proud owner of ReCon Fence, I bring my military values of honor, commitment, and meticulous attention to detail to every fencing project we undertake in Arlington, TX. We understand that a fence is more than just a boundary; it's a statement of security, privacy, and beauty for your property. "

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Charles Amy
Charles Amy
These guys are great. I was very specific with what I needed. I needed the 8ft fence to be pre-stained, I needed the existing poles to be used. I needed the fence pickets to overlap a lot. I needed the top of the fence to look finished with a catwalk. Recon Fence delivered. I have had multiple neighbors tell me how great the fence looks. Thanks guys!
shauna swartz
shauna swartz
Gary is a great guy, loved when he came by to check up on progress so we could chat, he definitely makes you know he is focused on the customer. The crew was wonderful and I am in love with our new fence. My pets are secure in the backyard and I actually want to spend more time outside. Beyond expectations!
Recon Fence and Roofing gets my highest praise! I had hail damage to my home and was in need of a general contractor. A friend recommended them and they did an Amazing job repairing the damage to my roof and gutters. Andy and his crew along with Kenet helped me with navigating the claim process and their crew was extremely efficient. Start to finish they had everything done in 2 days. If you are in need of a roofing contractor I recommend Recon Fence and Roofing!
Christina Robertson
Christina Robertson
So happy with the work done on our back fence by ReCon Fence! Our brand new back fence was blown pretty wonky from the June winds and was not covered by the home warranty. ReCon Fence fixed our fence with great quality so this won't happen again. In addition, we had them add 2 extra gates. Excellent work!!!!
Mike Robertson
Mike Robertson
I highly recommend ReCon Fence. They do a fantastic job and a great value for the work they did. They can do fencing and also roofing. Give them a call and let them take care of your fence and roofing needs. It is great to support our Veterans!!!!!
If u won’t top notch work recons the one to use
Matthew Hubbs
Matthew Hubbs
Great company and even better people
Charlotte Drayton
Charlotte Drayton
Very professional installers, very impressive work ethic Great experience in all aspects. I highly recommend Gary and his excellent company.
They are very flexible with scheduling (I was buying a home and the transaction wasn’t going smoothly). From start to finish it was a three day process. Their employees (and the owners) worked tirelessly, finishing the job in the rain! My fence is beautiful, and my remote entry gate is amazing. I feel safe with easy access to my fenced yard, and the curb appeal of my home has dramatically increased. Everyone at Recon was so kind and accommodating. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone needing fencing work done. Thanks Gary and Andy!
Tina Hammond
Tina Hammond
Highly recommend Recon Fence and Deck. My husband had them come build it while we were out of town as a surprise for me. I love it!
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With years of experience, we are the go-to fencing experts in Quinlan, ensuring your project is in capable hands.

Personalized Service

We understand the unique needs of Quinlan residents, offering tailored solutions with a personal touch.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to using premium materials and skilled craftsmanship guarantees lasting results you can trust.

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Comprehensive Fencing Solutions in Quinlan, TX

Are your fences losing their luster due to weathering and wear? Recon Fencing LLC specializes in revitalizing your fences with professional staining services, enhancing their durability and aesthetic appeal. Say goodbye to dull fences and hello to vibrant, long-lasting colors that withstand the Texas elements.

Fence Contractor in Addison, TX

Dreaming of transforming your outdoor space into a relaxing oasis? Recon Fencing LLC brings expertise in designing and building custom decks and pergolas tailored to your vision and lifestyle. From intimate gatherings to outdoor entertainment, our structures elevate your outdoor living experience, providing shade, comfort, and style to your property.

Fence Contractor in Addison, TX

Tired of compromising between privacy and aesthetics? Recon Fencing LLC excels in crafting custom wood fences that combine privacy with timeless beauty. Our expert installation ensures sturdy, long-lasting fences that enhance security and curb appeal, addressing the common challenge of balancing functionality and design.

Fence Contractor in Addison, TX

Seeking sophistication and security for your property? Recon Fencing LLC offers exquisite wrought iron fences that marry elegance with strength. Our skilled craftsmen create intricate designs that add a touch of class while providing unmatched durability and protection. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to elegance with our wrought iron fencing solutions.

Fence Contractor in Addison, TX

Need a practical yet durable fencing solution? Recon Fencing LLC specializes in efficient chain link fence installations that offer security without sacrificing visibility. Perfect for residential and commercial properties alike, our chain link fences provide reliable protection while maintaining an open feel, addressing the need for security without compromising on aesthetics.

Fence Contractor in Addison, TX

Facing challenges protecting your agricultural property from wildlife and intruders? Recon Fencing LLC understands the unique needs of farm owners, offering custom fencing solutions designed to safeguard your livestock and crops. From traditional barbed wire to modern electric fencing, we provide tailored solutions that ensure the safety and security of your farm, reflecting our commitment to serving the local community in Quinlan, TX.

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Our Process


We listen to your needs, discuss options, and develop a tailored plan for your fencing project.



Our skilled team executes the plan with precision, ensuring timely and professional installation.



We conduct a thorough inspection to guarantee quality and satisfaction with every completed project.


Premier Fence Company: Enhancing Quinlan, TX

Elevate your property with Recon Fencing, the leading fence company serving Quinlan and its 1,600 residents. Our tailored solutions blend expertise and craftsmanship, ensuring durable fences that reflect the beauty and character of your home.
Unlock the potential of your outdoor space with our personalized fencing solutions. From wood to wrought iron, our skilled team brings your vision to life, creating functional and stylish barriers that enhance security and curb appeal.
Located at coordinates 32.9022° N, 96.1341° W, Recon Fencing is your local partner in transforming properties across Quinlan. With a decade of trust and excellence, we invite you to experience the difference our tailored fencing solutions can make for your home.
Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how Recon Fencing can elevate your property with our custom fencing solutions. Let us be your partner in creating the perfect outdoor environment for you to enjoy for years to come.
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Frequently Asked Questions


The duration varies based on project complexity but typically ranges from a few days to a week.

Yes, we provide warranties on materials and workmanship to ensure your long-term satisfaction and peace of mind.

Absolutely! We offer customizable designs to suit your preferences and complement your property’s unique style.

Maintenance requirements vary by material, but we provide guidance on upkeep to maximize the lifespan of your fence.

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About Quinlan, TX

Quinlan is a rural city in the southern part of Hunt County, Texas, United States, within the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area. As of the 2010 census, it had a population of 1,394. It is 5 miles (8 km) west of Lake Tawakoni. == History == The city of Quinlan began about 1892 as a stop on the Texas Midland Railroad, which was owned by famed bond investor Hetty Green, called by the contemporary press “The Witch of Wall Street”. The railroad was operated by her son, Edward H.R. Green. Texas Midland became a subsidiary of the Houston & Texas Central Railroad, and the city which built up around a depot constructed here between the towns of Roberts and Greenville was named Quinlan in honor of George A. Quinlan, the general manager of the Houston & Texas Central railroad. The post office opened in Quinlan in 1894, and by 1896, the city was incorporated. Harry Ford served as first mayor. Quinlan soon became the center of a large agricultural area, providing a railroad shipping point for growers of cotton and other crops. By the early 20th century, the town boasted three cotton gins, numerous businesses and fraternal organizations, banks, schools, churches, and homes.

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