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Fence Installation – Frequently Asked Questions that you should know

Fence Installation – Frequently Asked Questions that you should know

Is it important to install a fence?

If a fence is installed around the property, then you will get much needed privacy & protection from neighbors & passersby. Other than this, fence installations tend to have an aesthetic appeal. So, here are some of the reasons why fence installation needs to be done:- 

  • It can safeguard you from trespassers, intruders & wild animals 
  • It protects the children from busy roads 
  • The value of your property can be improved 
  • The boundaries of the property can be defined clearly 
  • Electrical fencing can be installed easily 

So, you can consult with a good fence company such that fence installation can be done in a right manner. Other than this, you can keep an eye on your kids & pets while preventing the entry from the strangers. 

How much would it cost to have a fence?

The design as well as the type of fence that you install would have a significant impact on the overall cost. Also, if you are living in and around the Richardson, Texas area, then you can opt for cedar fencing as it is relatively cheap & easy to construct. 

So, some of the reasons that might impact the cost of the fence are:- 

  • The overall height & length of the fence
  • Fencing material that is being used 
  • The design & style of the fence 
  • The slope which is being used 

Lastly, the distance that is between the posts would also have a significant impact. In general, it is seen that post should be between 8-12 feet apart but you can increase the spacing to a span of 15 feet such that the cost is increased significantly. 

Which is the cheapest fence material that is present?

In case of residential fence, chain link fence is perhaps the cheapest option that can arguably find for replacing the fence. 

The best part is that the precast concrete poles which tend to support the chain link fence are sturdy, maintenance-free & aesthetically pleasing. 

It is seen that most of the homeowners in Dallas tend to install the chain link fence due to the fact that it can be installed quickly & it is quite durable. Additionally, it can be maintained easily & repair can be done in a right manner. 

So, you can connect with Recon Fence if you want chain link fence to be installed in a right manner.  

How long would the fencing project last?

The time which is needed for the fencing project would boil down to the fence design, materials & the conditions of the job site. 

Further, if you find stones while you are digging the trenches, then you will need to spend a lot more money & time. 

On the other hand, if you are looking out for longevity & stability, then you can’t miss out on the excavation process. 

Besides this, posts needs to be secured properly on the ground such that maximum stability can be obtained. 

So, it is important to invest your time properly rather than having a poorly reinforced fence. 

Lastly, if you are looking out for vinyl fence installation then contact us and we would be more than happy to assist you. 

Is written Contract provided during the Fence Installation Work?

A written contract helps out in creating a very good relationship between you as well as fencing company. Further, the fencing company would provide you an estimate about the materials that is used as well as respective costs. 

A professional fencing organization would finish up the work as per the budget & time constraint unless unavoidable delays happen. 

It is recommended that digging the holes is avoided as you won’t be able to place the poles firmly on the ground. 

What is the lifespan of the fence?

A well maintained & built fence can easily last for 15-20 years in Allen if proper care is taken for the same. It is recommended that you choose a good fencing company such that a fence can last for long. 

Does Fence Staining can make it last longer?

Hence, fencing Staining can easily make it last for a longer span of time. Thus, it can easily be safeguarded against rot, water damage, and insects. 

Does wood fence last longer than vinyl fence?

It boils down to long how well each fence is maintained. If a wood is treated, then it can easily last for long if protected from bugs & moisture. 

On the other hand, Vinyl tends to have less maintenance and it can easily last for 20 years with minimal care. 

Final Verdict 

Fence installations can very well guarantee security & peace to your property. Other than this, it can redefine the look of your property. 

One thing that you need to keep in mind is to hire a good fencing company such that proper construction & design can be done. 

We at Recon Fence have much needed experience when it comes to installing the fence in the best possible manner. 

Above this, irrespective of your favorite construction material or budget, we at Recon Fence assure you about the highest standard of stability, safety, aesthetic appeal & longevity. 

So, contact us to know more about the services that we offer.


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