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How to Improve the Durability of Your Wood Fence

How to Improve the Durability of Your Wood Fence

Wood fences are a popular choice for homeowners. They are aesthetically pleasing and provide privacy. However, they require maintenance to keep them looking their best. Fences can be a great way to add value and style to your property, but if wooden fencing is untreated, it can start to look dingy, worn, and even damaged over time. Your wood fence is a wonderful addition to your home but it’s exposed to the elements and susceptible to fading, cracking and rotting. Here are a few ways homeowners can improve the durability of their wood fence. 


Keeping your wood fence clean is one of the best things you can do for its durability and keeping wooden fence problems away. Dirty fences have a tendency to warp and crack over time, so make sure you clean them on a regular basis with soap and water or with an outdoor cleaner specifically designed for this purpose. You need to clean your fence at least once a year with a pressure washer or other high-pressure cleaners. This will remove the dirt, leaves, and other debris that has accumulated on your fence over time. Clean your wood fence at least once a year with water and soap to remove dirt and grime that accumulates over time.


Painting is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your wood fence because it protects it from rot and mold growth. You should paint at least every 2-3 years depending on how much exposure your fence gets to water, sun, and other elements. Painting your wood fence every few years will help the color stay vibrant and new. It also helps protect the paint from wear and tear, which can make it last longer. Add a protective coat of paint every few years to keep the residential fence looking fresh. You should also use this opportunity to touch up any areas where paint has chipped away or peeled off from the wood. The color of the paint is up to you but it should complement the overall look of your house.


Wood fences require maintenance to keep them looking their best and durable. Sealing will help protect against moisture. Using a sealant or other protective coating can help protect the wood from moisture, which can cause rot and other damage. A lot of people think that all you need to do is sweep it off every once in a while but that’s not enough! Use a sealant on your wooden fence to keep it from rotting. Add an anti-climb coating for extra security. Apply a wood sealant to the wood fence’s surface to prevent it from rotting and cracking. Avail a  fence service to understand what you need.

Fix or Replace Broke Panels

Checking for damage on a regular basis can help you identify problems before they become too big of an issue. You should also hire fence contractor for the job (such as one for dirt or one for heavy duty) to get rid of problematic panels that can damage the overall strength of the panels. Repair any damaged posts, boards, or rails as soon as possible with high quality materials. Additionally, you should repair any damaged sections of the fence by replacing the boards or adding new boards to fill in gaps in the fence line. Paint over areas of the wood that are starting to show signs of wear and tear, such as siding, trim, posts, and rails with a paint designed for outdoor use. Fill in any holes that have developed on your wood fence with a wooden board cut to size and stained if desired for an even finish look

Other Reinforcements and Protective Measures

Consider installing vinyl or aluminium panels in place of wooden boards if you live in a harsh climate where there is lots of snow or rain. Alternatively, you can install vinyl or aluminium panels in place of wooden boards if you live near salt water areas where there is lots of sun exposure and salty air exposure. Apply a high quality exterior paint to protect the wood against sun exposure and other weather conditions. Remove debris from the ground around the base of the fence. You should also trim weeds around the base of your fence. Besides, maintaining good drainage around your yard also helps make your fence last long. Ask your contractor for a Free Estimate as it is part of their service. 

To Conclude

Wood fences are popular because they are aesthetically pleasing and can be a great addition to your property. But, it’s important to know that wood fences require regular maintenance in order to stay beautiful and functional. A wood fence is a beautiful addition to any yard. However, it can be hard to maintain a wood fence if you don’t know how to do it. It is better to get in touch with Recon Fence as ours is a team of professional fence contractors. Contact us to get high quality service right at your doorstep. Call today and get a free inspection from our experts. Get quality fence maintenance services with a simple call right now!


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