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A fence serves several purposes. A carefully installed and maintained fence has ornamental as well as protective value. Most of the homeowners tend to ignore the maintenance and minor repairs of the fence which further balloon into major issues that necessitates the need for fence repairs. If not attended properly, these can lead to various overhead and maintenance costs that are too hard to keep up with if you are on a budget.

So to help you overcome the issues that cause such overhead costs, Recon Fence Company brings you high-grade fence repair and maintenance services which also include fence replacement services that save you a lot of trouble. Below is an account of what all is included in our range of gate repair services.

  • Wooden Gates
  • Driveway Gates
  • Chain Link Gates
  • Wrought Iron Gates

First up is the fence repair services. Our professionals are completely well-versed with any and all kinds of fence damage. So whether you have a little scratch spoiling the look of your premium fence or a random car damage that has left the fence panels way-wards, we are your go-to personnel to fix it all. Our team works diligently on each kind of fence damage and gives you the best service there is. We will leave your fence looking new as before.

It is actually a pain to repair a broken gate. Often wooden gates and ornamental fences are prone to physical damage more than we can imagine. The occasional bump or crash can lead to your gate looking lopsided, compromising your perimeter safety and security. No homeowner wants that?

Try our gate repair services to ensure that no loose screw messes up your shiny gate. We will offer you a complete inspection and give you a prompt service of the gate. So no matter what has caused the issue with your gate, whether weather or just some blunt force, our team will be right there to take your worries away as the following are our commercial fence services:

It may also happen that sometimes the damage to your fence is way more than it can take, leading to completely unhinged and broken gates and fences. This isn’t something that a quick hammer and tong can fix. In this scenario you might need complete fence replacement assistance from the Plano fence company.

So get in touch with us to get a free estimate of how much the remodelling or replacement project will cost. We are also specialists in fence and gate painting and patchwork. All our material comes fully customized so you can rest assured that everything you have will be repaired to the finest level of finish along with the following residential fence services:

So what are you waiting for? Call us today or drop us an email. We would be happy to help you and give you assistance in fence repair and replacement. We specialize in fence installation and deliver customized fences to domestic and commercial clients. Besides, we specialize in remote control systems and automatic gates as well. There’s a lot you can get as a customer. So pick that phone and avail these services today:

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