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Why Contractor Choose Cedar For Wood Fencing In North Texas

Why Contractor Choose Cedar For Wood Fencing In North Texas

Cedar fence is a great way to create privacy, beautify your backyard or front yard, and add value to your home. Cedar is also one of the most durable wood fencing due to its strength and resistance to rot. Cedar fences are widely used throughout North Texas regions like Dallas because they’re both attractive and well-suited for our climate. Though there are some downsides when it comes to cedar wood fencing, these benefits far outweigh them. Here are a few reasons why.


The first reason is that the cedar fence installation looks great. Whether you’re looking for a fence that will stand out in your yard or one that blends in with the landscape, cedar provides an attractive option without requiring much upkeep. Cedar doesn’t need to be stained or painted, so it won’t take up any space on your property and can easily be maintained by simply raking up leaves or snow during winter months.


Cedar is a hardwood and is durable and easily available in Plano. Cedar is naturally rot-resistant, which means that it will not be affected by insects or other pests. It also has a natural grey appearance, making it easy to maintain. Cedar fence panels are available in many different colors and patterns, so you can find something that matches your home’s style or theme perfectly without any fence problems!

Suitable for North Texas Climate

Cedar is also a good choice for North Texas climate, because it’s resistant to rot and decay. It’s also resistant to insects and fungi, which means you can use cedar fence panels without worrying about pests getting into your yard or garden. Cedar fencing is made from deciduous trees that grow in the wild, so they’re naturally adapted not only to Allen climate but also its soil conditions (which are often very dry).


Cedar is sustainable too: unlike many other woods such as pine or fir trees (which require extensive amounts of water), cedars thrive in dry climates by keeping their leaves on all year long—and even gaining new ones every spring! This means less watering required during summer months for residential fence when temperatures soar high enough where some trees might start dying off due lack of water supply; but even if they do die back completely from drought conditions then there won’t be any dead branches sticking out like spikes from any type or color imaginable!

Good For Privacy

Cedar wood fencing is a good choice for privacy because it blocks out the light. Cedar is a dense wood, which means it blocks out the sun’s rays and gives you privacy from prying eyes. The density of cedar makes it more effective at blocking out sunlight than other types of fencing materials such as aluminium or vinyl in Richardson area.

Cedar also has an attractive gray-brown color that doesn’t fade over time like other woods do when exposed to sunlight and weather conditions like rain or frostbite temperatures, just ask your fence builder near me. This natural look can be further enhanced with paint colors such as white, brown and black depending on your preference!

Easy To Maintain

Cedar is naturally resistant to insects and decay, making it a great choice for fence maintenance. Over time, cedar fence will not need to be treated with chemicals or sealers. It’s also very easy to clean. Cedar fences are made of wood that has been cured in order to resist rot and fungus growth; this means that the wood is naturally resistant to pests like termites and beetles because they cannot eat away at the wood with their mandibles!

Many people have reported that their cedar fencing lasted decades without needing any repairs or replacements—this makes it perfect for anyone who wants something durable but doesn’t mind taking care of their property themselves.

Cost Effective

When you compare cedar fence to pine, the differences are obvious. Cedar is a far less expensive and more durable material than pine, so it costs less and requires less maintenance. If your budget is an issue for you or if you have limited space for your garden, a cedar fence may be right for you!

You can also use cedar fences in conjunction with other materials like stone or brick; these will add character and style while also providing additional privacy from passersby who might want access into your yard.


A good rule of thumb when choosing between two types of fencing materials is this: if the area where you want your new cedar fencing should be larger than what’s currently being used (i.e., if there are other features within your yard), then go for cedar instead since its strength will allow it to withstand heavy traffic without collapsing under pressure from multiple users walking over top one another without falling back down again later on down road once everything settles out again afterwards.

The cedar fence is a great choice for North Texas. It is durable, attractive, cost effective, and easy to maintain. With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder why contractors choose cedar fence any day of the week! Recon Fence Company specializes in all kinds of wooden fences. So Contact Us for your fencing needs and we will get right down to it.


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