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Wood Fencing Maintenance Tips From Expert Fence Contractor

Wood Fencing Maintenance Tips From Expert Fence Contractor

Wood fencing is the most preferred type of fence in the residential areas. The reason for that is simple. There is no trouble with it if maintained properly. But that is where the biggest challenge lies in having a residential fence. Often homeowners are struggling to keep together the fence and its material from damage and decay. They either don’t know how to or they just want to make it quick, thereby not doing a job good enough. Therefore, we at Reconfence bring you 4 essential maintenance tips for your wood fence that will be super easy to manage and execute. Read on.

Choose The Right Material

Sure you named a wooden fence to your contractor and they just bring out any random material. But if you choose cedar as the material of the fence, you are in for a great time and money saving project. Cedar, unlike most woods, is resistant to decay and decomposition. Therefore, make sure you begin with the right material.

Don’t Load It Up

Often we see homeowners putting unnecessary and heavy installations onto their fence, making it weak in its structural integrity. Avoid putting unnecessary weight on the fence to enjoy a long lasting fence. It’s also wise to trim the bushes and shrubbery that you may have set alongside the fence for decorative purpose. Weeds and vines may overgrow and damage the very foundation of your fence.  

Take Care Of It

A stitch in time saves nine. You see, whether it is your normal fence or a commercial fence, your one-trick solution for every fence problem is taking care of it. That means you should paint it regularly with a termite resistant coating and also clean it once it a while with a power washer and then dab it dry to have a new-looking fence for your residential or commercial setting.

Get A Routine Checkup From an Expert

Fence repair is often a touchy subject for homeowners. In fact, many tend to spend a lot on fence repairs as they keep ignoring usual issues and only act when it is too late. So to avoid having to deal with high repair costs, make sure you have a regular appointment scheduled for a routine health checkup of the fence from an expert fence contractor. The contractor will give you advice early on to save on huge costs later.

Contact Recon Fence for a quick fix for your fence issues today and have the best time enjoying a long-lasting fence at a nominal cost.


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